Giacconi Symposium

Memorial Symposium to Honor Riccardo Giacconi

May 29-30, 2019

National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C.

Riccardo Giacconi

Riccardo Giacconi (1931-2018)

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Symposium Sessions and Links to Presentations

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May 29, 2019

WELCOME: Agency Perspectives and Overview of Riccardo's Vision

Chair: Anne Kinney

Harvey Tananbaum: Welcome   |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Paul Hertz: "Riccardo and NASA – Opening New Windows on the Universe"  |     PDF

Micheline Tabache & Johann-Dietrich Wörner: Video from ESA DG Johann-Dietrich Wörner  |  VIDEO

Xavier Barcons: "Developing the Most Powerful Ground-based Astronomical Facilities”  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT  

France Cordova: "Windows on the Universe"  |  PDF

Ethan Schreier: "Riccardo Giacconi – A Legacy of Vision and Transformation"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

The Origins of X-Ray Astronomy

Chair: Kathryn Flanagan

George Clark: "Riccardo's Earliest X-Ray Work"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Ken Pounds, presented by Martin Elvis: "Riccardo Giacconi: A Hard Act to Follow"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Joachim Truemper: "The Moon and the Hoary Deep"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Christine Jones: "The Blossoming of X-Ray Astronomy: From UHURU to Einstein"  |  SLIDE SHOW    PDF    KEYNOTE   

Robert Rosner: "Let's Not Forget About the Stars…"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

STScI – An Institution to Conduct Space Astronomy

Chair: Bob Williams

Neta Bahcall: "A New Model for Science Policy, Key Projects, GO Funding, Science Legacy"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   
Garth Illingworth: "The STScI Years: Riccardo, Hubble, and the Early Days of JWST"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Adam Riess: "Expansion of the Universe as Seen by HST"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Jim Crocker: "Saving Hubble"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Joe Rothenberg: "Hubble's Godfather"  |   No slides or notes available

Antonella Nota: "Riccardo Giacconi: A Modern Day Leonardo"  |   PDF

ESO – Bringing Space Astronomy Back to Earth

Chair: Bruno Leibundgut

Jason Spyromilio: "The VLT: Riccardo Revolutionising Ground Based Astronomy"  |   PDF  

Roberto Gilmozzi: "Riccardo and OWL: The Path to the ELT" (Video)   |  VIDEO

Oskar von der Lühe: "Riccardo Giacconi and the VLT Interferometer"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Peter Quinn: "VLT End-to-End: Changing the Way Ground Based Astronomy is Done"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  KEYNOTE   

Piero Rosati: "From Distant Galaxy Clusters to the Chandra Deep Field South – from JHU to ESO"

Riccardo's Astrophysics Legacy – I

Chair: Ethan Schreier

Catherine Cesarsky: "Personal Reminiscences of Riccardo Giacconi"  |  SLIDE SHOW  PDF  POWERPOINT   

Jerry Ostriker: "Riccardo Giacconi, the Chandra Telescope and X-Rays from Massive Galaxies"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT

May 30, 2019

The X-Ray Universe

Chair: Claude Canizares

Josh Grindlay: "Riccardo's Years at Harvard"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Pepi Fabbiano: "Riccardo Giacconi and the Cultural Revolution in Astronomy"  |   PDF

Jon Miller: "The First Black Hole: From Uhuru, to Chandra, and Beyond"   |  PDF

Hideyo Kunieda: "Giacconi's Impact on Japanese X-Ray Astronomy"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Richard Kelley: "The JAXA/NASA/ESA X-Ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Günther Hasinger: "Looking Deeply into the Universe: Riccardo and Deep Surveys (Video)"   |  VIDEO

Graziella Branduardi-Raymont: "From Varenna Summer School to Einstein at CfA (Letter)"   |     PDF

Martin Weisskopf: "Riccardo, Chandra, and Me"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Riccardo's Astrophysics Legacy – II

Chair: Colleen Hartman

Rashid Sunyaev: "X-Ray and Microwave cosmology: Synergy and Competition: What can we expect from SRG/eRosita and new ground- based microwave telescopes?"
(Request for slides pending)

AUI – Extending and Expanding Radio Astronomy

Chair: Meg Urry

Tony Beasley: "Introduction"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Gene Levy & Pat Donahoe: "Riccardo Giacconi: Transforming AUI for the 21st Century"  | PDF

Al Wootten: "ALMA: Imaging Structure Formation from Planets to Galaxies"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Tony Beasley: "Summary"  | [Brief comments - no slides available]

Riccardo's Leadership Legacy

Chair: Neta Bahcall

Ken Sembach: "The New Model for Science Leadership"  |   PDF

Don Hall: "Riccardo's Early Vision for the Institute"  |  PDF  

Peter Stockman: "Giacconi's STScI School of Leadership"  |  PDF  

David Soderblom: "Maintenance and Refurbishment as part of the Space Telescope Plans"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  KEYNOTE   

Meg Urry: "Riccardo's Impact on Gender Equity"  |   PDF

Matt Mountain: "The Great Observatory Model: from Space to the Ground, and Back"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Riccardo's X-Ray Astronomy Legacy – I

Chair: Rob Petre

Belinda Wilkes: "Riccardo's Legacy through Chandra's X-Ray Eyes"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Lynn Cominsky: "How Working on Uhuru Changed My Life"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Ryan Hickox: "Resolving the Cosmic X-Ray Background"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  KEYNOTE   

Guido Chincarini: "Riccardo and the Italian Period (UNIMIB & ESO)"   |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  KEYNOTE   

Riccardo's X-Ray Astronomy Legacy – II

Chair: Christine Jones

Wallace Tucker: "The Uhuru Spirit"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Roberto Gilli: "Exploring the Deep X-Ray Universe with Riccardo: from Chandra to the New Frontiers"

Ann Hornschemeier: "On Being Loud about Quiet X-Ray Sources"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   

Paul Gorenstein: "Riccardo Giacconi's Vision For X-Ray Astronomy"  |  PDF  

Giovanni Pareschi: "Riccardo's Legacy to the Wide Field X-Ray Missions"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT   


Chair: Ethan Schreier

Harvey Tananbaum: "A Few Personal Recollections and Some Over-Arching Perspectives"  |  SLIDE SHOW   PDF  POWERPOINT