Introduction to Coded Aperture Imaging
  • A short review on coded-aperture imaging
  • Classic papers on URA
    [pdf] Coded aperture imaging with Uniformly Redundant Arrays Fenimore, E.E., Cannon, T.M.: 1978, Appl. Opt., 17, 337
    [pdf] Coded Aperture Imaging: Predicted Performance of Uniformly Redundant Arrays Fenimore, E.E.: 1978, Appl. Opt., 17, 3562
  • A recent Paper on sensitivity of coded aperture imaging telescopes
    [pdf] Sensitivity of coded aperture telescopes, Skinner, G.K.; 2008, Appl. Opt. 47, 2739
  • A paper about URA pattern
    [pdf] Uniformly Redundant Arrays, Busnoom. A. et al; 1998, Experi. Astro., 8, 97
  • A lecture note on Coded Aperture imaging for REXIS
Introduction to CZT detector
  • Classic papers on semiconductor detectors and small pixel effects
    [pdf] Charge Transport in Arrays of Semiconductor Gamma-Ray Detectors Barrett, H.H. et al.; 1995, Phy. Rev. Letters. 75, 156
    [pdf] Unipolar Charge Sensing with Coplanar Electrodes - Application to Semiconductor Detectors Luke, P.N.; 1995, IEEE. Trans. Nucl. Sci. 42, 207
  • A recent paper of the 2009 ProtoEXIST1 flight
    [pdf] Flight Performance of an advanced CZT Imaging Detector in a Balloon-borne Wide-Field Hard X-ray Telescope - ProtoEXIST1 , Hong, J. et al. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A Volume 654, Issue 1, 21 October 2011, Pages 361-372
  • An introduction to a lab experiment using CZT