High Altitude Balloon Campaign

We plan to demonstrate the technology for advanced imaging CZT detectors through a series of balloon-borne experiments. The first experiment, ProtoEXIST1 with 256 cm2 CZT detectors (2.5 mm pixels) was carried out on Oct 9th, 2009 in Ft. Sumner, NM. The flight last about 7 hours, and all the detector system worked without a problem. The 2nd experiment, ProtoEXIST2 with 0.6 mmpixel CZT detectors is scheduled in Fall 2010, and the 3rd experiement, ProtoEXIST3 with EX-ASIC in Fall 2011. These flights will demonstrate the CZT technology needed for EXIST.
This website summarizes some aspects of the development of ProtoEXIST as well as provides links to EXIST and related missions. Please direct any questions or comments on the website to