Life and the Cosmos

Scientific Organizing Committee

SOC Chair:
Jeremy Drake (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)

  • Maria Banks (National Museum of Natural History)
  • Bob Craddock (National Air and Space Museum)
  • Christine France (Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute)
  • Allen Herre (Smithsonian Tropical Reasearch Institute)
  • Haris Lessios (Smithsonian Tropical Reasearch Institute)
  • David Latham (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)
  • Glen MacPherson (National Museum of Natural History)
  • Mehdi Moini (Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute)
  • Pat Neale (Smithsonian Environmental Research Institute)
  • Ben Turner (Smithsonian Tropical Reasearch Institute)
  • Ed Vicenzi (NIST/Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute)

Local Organizing Committee

LOC Chair:
Jenine Humber

  • Liz Kirby
  • Jessica Rotella
  • Maggie Stone
Last modified: 07/03/12