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The above image is (a version of) my Internet Ray Tracing Competition entry for September-October 2004. The image I submitted was rendered at 1024x1024. See it fullsize without anti-aliasing (which was how I unfortunately had to submit it, due to time constraints) or with anti-aliasing.

Most of the objects below were created for this image.

POVRay Office

A coffee cup with a U-bolt for a handle A water bottle An ink pen and separate cap A push pin
A small red horseshoe magnet. A disc magnet, with chip-able paint Noseman magnet Pendulum Man - chaotic motion toy (and magnet)
A generic four by two lego block. A computer monitor stand, made of "folded metal".
fabric texture example Fake wood texture    

POVRay Kitchen and Bath

(well, maybe just the bath).

I was laying out designs for a bathroom renovation. Here's an example:

Here are some of the objects I created:

Magnifying Mirror, on wall-mounted hinged (posable) arm Faucet, based on a Kohler model that you might have seen in commercials. Thermastatic Shower Valve, based on SigmaTherm product. Tub Safety Handrail
Hand Towel Ring Dual Towel Rod Toilet Paper Holder Toilet Paper Spare Holder
Shower Curtain Rod Tub filler Hand shower Hotel Towel Rack

Coming soon: More objects for POVRay renderer.  All designed with inch units:
  Computer monitor (only the front is complete)
  Computer monitor platform (for raising monitor a few inches).
    Based on real design made from folded sheet metal.
  Computer, based on Sun Blade (not to scale, yet; back not done)
  Computer keyboard, based on Sun Blade keyboard.
    includes macros that allow you to lay out different keyboards easily.
    (with fully labelled keys)
  Computer mouse, LOOSELY based on Sun mouse.
  Computer desk (from desktop up, only)
  macros for creating curled sheets of paper, curled at user's discretion
  Wood picture frame, constructed so that wood grain textures can be
    lined up with frame pieces.
  Pool ball (the eight ball)
  Bishop and Pawn chess pieces
  Lego - standard 4x2 block, with complete underside details
  macro for building rounded boxes of varying dimensions
  bicycle (road)
  simple posable person

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