October, 2008

osx2x for Leopard

Done quick and dirty, with working support for disabling the scrollwheel

This is a quick and dirty hack of the version 2.3 sources for osx2x. Changes were made to work under Leopard/Intel (but it's a Universal binary), and to add some preference options.

The original author (Michael Dales) had not yet put sources back up since opendarwin.org shut down, so I found some 2.3.0 sources (one rev behind the latest 2.4) and made changes I needed.

(But now he has put up 2.4 sources at github. At some point I will learn to use git and integrate my changes there, but that hasn't happened yet). He also has a recent web page.

For Leopard, the problem was that the older binary looks for libssl 0.9 and libcrypto 0.9, and under Leopard those versions are ppc only. I've set it to link against the 0.9.7 versions of libssl and libcrypto (with intel and ppc support). I had to change some function calls in minor ways to get this to work. I also had to update the xcode project so that it doesn't use JAM (whatever the heck that means). I have no idea if it works at all in anything previous to Leopard. For that matter, I haven't tested it on ppc either.

The 2.3 version has substantial work on Preferences, most of which don't work. I got the scroll wheel disabling working, and also added an option to have it send Pageup/Pagedown keys. This is all for people who are talking to older X servers that don't understand scrollwheels (without this fix, osx2x would crash when trying to send scrollwheel events to something that doesn't understand them).

I've also added a new option there for having the main window hide the first time you go off screen (bring it back by clicking on the icon on the dock). This is different than another working option which hides the main window when it is not active (which is exactly the opposite of what I wanted, because it pops on top as soon as I go off screen, obscuring things I wanted to see).

Other options which appear there are things that were in progress, and many do not work.

Original licensing (see the file COPYING.html) continues to apply.

Use at your own risk.

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