Vicent Peris Baixauli

Observatori Astronòmic de la Universitat de València (Spain)

Center for Astrophysics

Starting as an amateur astrophotographer, Vicent Peris has become a professional astrophotographer working at the OAUV. Today he leads the world-renowned astrophotographic programs at Calar Alto Observatory (CAHA), with the 3.5 and 1.23 meter Zeiss telescopes (the latter with the collaboration of the Documentary School of Astrophotography), applying innovative image processing techniques and software tools.

Vicent Peris is also known for his collaboration with the PixInsight development team (PTeam) for the last seven years. He has created a completely new image processing methodology using multiscale (wavelet-based) algorithms implemented in PixInsight. His multiscale processing techniques constitute a new aesthetic and technical approach to image processing in astrophotography.

He is also co-founder of the Documentary School of Astrophotography, the first conceptual school of thought in the astrophotography community. His works have been published and awarded by some of the most reputed publications worldwide, such as APOD, Astronomy Magazine, Scientific American, National Geographic, and Sterne und Weltraum. His NGC 7331 photo was considered one of the best astronomy images of the year 2008 in the Bad Astronomy Blog, written by well known astronomer Phil Plait.

Among his photography work, Vicent Peris teaches astrophotography and image processing techniques in his workshops around Europe and America. He is also a regular collaborator of the National Police department in Spain for image analisys works.