Description of Columns

ChaMP Field ID ( Optical Source Catalog)
The Optical ChaMP Field ID (which specifies a unique optical pointing) is linked to a source catalog for that field giving g, r, and i magnitudes and other information.

Optical Images
Optical images are available as short integer format FITS files. The files are quite large, generally between 80 and 100 Mbytes. For download of more than 4 images, please contact us. Additionally, GIF format are available for 'Quick Look' purposes.

The Right Ascension and Declination (J2000) of the optical image center.

Run Details
A brief code giving the telescope and instrument used, UT date of observation, and data quality.

KPNO Kitt Peak 4 meter with MOSAIC
CTIO Cerro Tololo 4 meter with MOSAIC
A Photometric Quality Observation
B Clear but not Photometric Quality Observation

Chandra Target
Name of the Chandra Target.

Sequence Number
Chandra Sequence Number. This is linked to the ObsCat entry for the Chandra Observation.

Obs ID
Chandra Obs ID is linked to the ChaMP X-ray data products.

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