These are some recent talks I have given.

"yt: A Python-based Framework for Visualization and Analysis of Physical Simulations"
Invited Talk, Prospects in Theoretical Physics, Institute for Advanced Study
July 2016, Princeton, NJ

"Galaxy Cluster Gas Motions with X-ray Surveyor: Probing the Small Scales"
Talk, X-ray Vision Workshop
October 2015, Washington, DC

"Simulating Astro-H Observations of Galaxy Cluster Gas Motions: What We Can
Expect and Implications for Future Missions"
Talk, "The Universe in High-resolution X-ray Spectra" Workshop
August 2015, Cambridge, MA

"Chandra, Cold Fronts, and ICM Physics: the Importance of Magnetic Fields"
Talk, "15 Years of Science with Chandra" Symposium
November 2014, Boston, MA.

"Gas Sloshing: Simulations and Observations"
Talk, "ICM Inhomogeneities in the Intracluster Plasma" Workshop
July 2014, Stanford, CA.

"Simulating X-ray Observations with Python."
Talk, "SciPy 2014: Scientific Computing with Python"
July 2014, Austin, TX.

"Bullets and Wine Glasses: The Exciting Encounters of Galaxy Clusters"
Public talk, Eastern Illinois University
February 2014, Charleston, IL

"The Physics of Gas Sloshing in Galaxy Clusters."
Colloquium, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
February 2014, Urbana, IL.