Scientific Software

Here are some examples of scientific simulation and analysis software that I have made significant contributions to.

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Mock Observations with yt

S-Z Effect

YT, a Julia wrapper for yt

Julia is an exciting new programming language for technical computing. Julia is fast due to its just-in-time compiler, and has most of the mathematical functionality for carrying out calculations for scientific computing built-in.

To enable the analysis of astrophysical simulation data from within a Julia environment, I have written a package for Julia called YT. YT exposes a number of the essential features of yt from within a Julia environment, including datasets, data containers, unit-aware quantities and arrays, and some of the plotting tools.

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pywwt, a Python Interface for World Wide Telescope

pywwt is a Python interface for the Microsoft World Wide Telescope (WWT) Windows client, using the Layer Control API (LCAPI).

The LCAPI provides an interface to WWT's Layer Manager by sending data and information in the form of strings over HTTP. pywwt simply provides a Python interface to make these calls, enabling the control of WWT from scripts or a Jupyter notebook. Most importantly, it enables the passing of data created within a Python environment to WWT.

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