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At 2017/04/05 17:25


I have been working on the history of women in astronomy since 1984. I came across your photographs on this site and wanted to add a couple updates to one of the photos ... The picture of the ladies on the ship. With respect to the one label you mention who is either Stevens or Cannon. It is definitely not Cannon as her ear is quite different from Annie's ear. (Ears are a unique identifier in photos.) She is most likely Stevens. Also the next person up and to the right who you list as unknown is most assuredly Mrs. Draper. I have several detailed photos of her and the ear, hair, eyes, and general face definitely match although a bit older than my photos. Hope this helps. - BDM

At 2017/04/05 20:47


But I actually don't agree on either point. In two of the other three photos I have (not up yet) of a young AJC, the ear shape looks quite similar to me.

This one, she is third from the left.


And this one:


And as for Mrs. Draper, she already looked quite a bit older than this by 1891 (see other photos in the timeline), which is the earliest reasonable date for this photo.

Identification is really tough. The next step I want to take in this project is to begin making a database of faces clipped from images and use that to build out more of the identifications. I have several conference photos with detailed identifications to work from. The downside there is that the quality of images I have in most cases is not so great, and that many of the early women who I'd like to see in photographs don't see to be in the conference photos at all, or are not identified as such.

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