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Fun & Games


Othello, or actually Reversi, since Othello is someone's trademark. O.K., Reversi might be too. Whatever.

Breakout, which will only work on web browsers with JavaScript and Dynamic HTML. Not very playable, but a nice start.

I have a Big Nethack Font that works with nethack 3.2.2. While I'm on the subject, here's some info on Weapon Skills.

vidgame, a simple, addictive, Tcl/Tk game.

Have you played atari today?

My second computer was an Atari 800, with 48K of Ram. I also have some Atari Lynxes that are quite a bit of fun to play with.


My Toys



Didn't know where else to put these. As we get older, we need these things to stay in touch with reality.
College Slang Around the World
The College Slang Page: Da Bomb

Mac Aquariums


Bunny Testing

Tired of waiting for the grill to heat up? Why wait -- here's a technique for lighting a grill in three seconds. (LOX - it isn't just for bagels anymore).

How about fun things to do with grapes? The same guy also has a strawberry pop-tart-blow-torch on his web page.

The whale thing really is true. Other stories may not be; see the next section.

Urban Legends

Want to know if that Craig guy still wants postcards? Want info on the modem tax? Heard about the guy with a Ford Pinto, a JATO bottle, and some spare time? How about the amazing exploding whale in Oregon? Or the penis on the Disney video box? Can staple guns really close self-inflicted scrotum wounds?

The following web pages will lead you to a wealth of interesting, amusing, and disgusting stories, along with insights into which few are (or might be) actually based on the truth.

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