AWCase_HeadshotSAO_Logo Dr. Anthony (Tony) W. Case
Astrophysicist at Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
CV and Publications
My publications on Google Scholar or ORCID
Spaceflight Hardware
SWEAP Instrument Suite onboard the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft
The DSCOVR spacecraft
CRaTER Instrument onboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft
Education and Outreach
Feature about PSP and my full interview on SmarterEveryDay (YouTube)
Video of a public lecture at CfA talking about Parker Solar Probe (I'm the 2nd half)
Press release about Solar Probe Cup Testing, with a video
A chemistry video from Annenberg in which I talk about testing Solar Probe Cup (starting at 19:50)
Podcast at Boston's Museum of Science with me talking about Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
Tony with SPC on Bench Tony with SPC in SES Tony with SPC at NASA/MSFC Tony with DSCOVR at NASA/GSFC Tony with LRO at GSFC
Please see details on my CV (PDF)