Science Tools & Services

Institutions around the world have developed VO tools and services to be used by scientists and other VO-enabled applications. We present a list of pointers to the VO tools provided by participating organizations, as well as a list of popular and useful tools for astronomers.

Popular Tools and Services developed by US organizations

Each institute in the USVOA provides VO-oriented work. We list a few of the software here.

Data Access and Discovery

  • NASA-NAVO Python Notebooks (NAVO) – access terabytes of data from NASA science archives with Python. Uses Jupyter notebooks to demonstrate the toolkit.

  • NOAO Data Lab (NOAO) – cloud-based environment for visualizing, interacting with, analyzing, and sharing data from NOAO and others (GAIA, SDSS, etc.). Has virtual storage and compute processing.
  • SciServer (JHU/IDIES) – fully integrated cyberinfrastructure system encompassing related tools and services, enabling researchers to cope with scientific big data.
Tools and Applications
  • World Wide Telescope (AAS) – a great tool for educators and outreach programs, explore the universe through all-sky surveys at multiple wavelengths, planet explorations, and a 3D representation of the local universe.
  • Iris (SAO) – build, visualize, fit and analyze spectral energy distributions (SEDs) in a desktop application with VO-enabled tools and services.
  • Montage (IRSA/IPAC) – assemble Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) images into custom mosaics.
  • VOStat (Penn State) – run simple and sophisticated statistical routines on large datasets
  • VOClient (NOAO) – access the VO from your desktop.
  • DALServer (NRAO) – easily make your data accessible through standard VO protocols with a Java Web application.

For more information on institute-specific VO efforts, view the links below:

International VO-enabled tools and services

VO tools are developed world-wide. Here we list selected tools that you may find useful in your research:

  • Aladin (CDS) – retrieve and overlay astronomical images.
  • ESASky (ESA) – visualize and download public astronomical data from space-based missions.
  • CDS Xmatch (CDS) – efficiently cross-identify sources by position between very large catalogues (up to 1 billion rows).
  • SPLAT-VO (Spanish VO) – display, compare, modify and analyze spectra in a desktop or web graphical environment.
  • TOPCAT (Euro-VO) – powerfully and graphically manipulate data tables.
  • VOPlot (VO-India) – plot results from VO queries.

You can find a full-list of all VO applications on the IVOA website.