For Members

This page is meant for USVOA members. Listed are upcoming events and links to internal USVOA webpages and documents.

Upcoming Events

Also see the IVOA Upcoming Events and Meetings calendar for more event listings.

Meeting Notes

Date Type Filename
2018-01-08 231 AAS Business Meeting USVOA_AAS_231_reports.pdf
2017-10-05 USVOA Telecon (TM07) usvoa-tm07-20171005
2017-01-05 229 AAS Business Meeting USVOA_AAS_229_reports.pdf
2016-09-26 USVOA Telecon (TM06) usvoa-tm06-20160926
2016-04-21 USVOA Telecon (TM05) usvoa-tm05-20160421
2016-01-06 227 AAS Splinter Meeting notes USVOA_AAS_Splinter
2015-11-09 IVOA Report F2015 Report-on-IVOA-Meeting
2015-10-09 USVOA Meeting (TM03) usvoa-tm03-20151009
2015-07-30 IVOA Summary S2015
(ivoa FM58)
2015-05-15 USVOA Telecon (TM02) usvoa-tm02-20150515
2015-01-07 AAS Meeting (FM01) usvoa-fm01-20150107

Other Documents

Date Type Filename
2015-11-19 USVOA WGAS Report USVOA-Report-and-Plans-v2

Mailing List

usvoa-mailing is an announcement-style mailing list meant for USVOA organizers to send meeting notes, upcoming events, and other important news to the group. Members must submit a request to join the mailing list.

To subscribe to the mailing list, you can send an email to

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The mailing list is a Google Group. You can change your display name, email notification settings, and view old posts from the Google Groups page.

To unsubscribe, you can send an email to ““.


Templates and Logos

USVOA logos and Powerpoint/Word templates are available on Google Drive. If you have any trouble accessing the documents, please send an email to usvoa-support.