[Highlights] USVOA 229th AAS Meeting presentations are available

229th AAS Meeting [image credit: aas.org/meetings/229, www.GrapevineTxOnline.com]

The project statuses and notes from the USVOA business meeting during the 229th AAS are available. Participating projects included: ADS, CXC, HEASARC, IRSA , JHU, LSST, MAST, NED, NOAO, and NRAO .

Highlights from the meeting were

  • New and updated services / applications
    • New service – NOAO DataLab (beta 1)
    • SciServer updates: Altair, SkyQuery, Compute, SciDrive hookup to CasJobs
    • Iris 3.0b2: updated plotting and fitting interface
    • SIA v2 service implemented in NED
    • MAST: ObsTAP available for all MAST observations. Hubble Source Catalog complete.
    • IRSA: Cone, TAP, and SIA services implemented.
  • Standards statuses:
    • VO-DML (VO Data Modeling Language) collaboration between CXC, JHU, STScI, and Univ. Strasbourg. Prototyping reference implementations to several formats and reworking syntax based on results.
    • HiPS (Hierarchical Progresssive Survey) work is planned at CXC and MAST.
    • CAOM (Common Archive Observation Model). While not a VO standard, US VOA participants are working to build interoperability with CAOM data.
  • Project goals for 2017+:
    • ADS: VO compliancy updates and to-do’s — call for suggestions / enhancements in ADS for interoperability with other services.
    • HEASARC: VO compliancy updates
    • JHU: VO-DML work, SciServer updates
    • IRSA: Cone, TAP, and SIA services implemented. Currently working SIA v2, SSA, VOWorkspace, and CAOM services/models
    • LSST: VO areas of interest – SCS, SIAP, and TAP access will (almost certainly) be enabled within the interfaces and workspace
    • Chandra CXC: working NDCubeDM, DatasetDM, STC2. HiPS implementation work.
    • NED: working on TAP interface to NED Object Database, with version 1.0 expected to be released in late 2017.
    • MAST: Currently working CAOM, VO-DML, TAP, and NAVO-indexing survey, with plans for AuthN/AuthZ, DataLink implementation, and HiPS

Thank you to all who attended the meeting. The presentations showed how much work has been done towards the interoperability of data and services within the US astronomical community within just the past year. Here’s to another year of progress!

Upcoming Events:

  • USVOA Telecon: Date/Time TBD, but it will be before the next IVOA Interop. Look for it on the USVOA calendar on For Members.
  • IVOA Interop 2017: May 14-19 in Shanghai, China