Welcome to the USVOA

The US Virtual Observatory Alliance (USVOA) is an open community of astronomers across the United States working on the development and implementation of Virtual Observatory (VO) standards and tools at the country and international level. This website is a resource for both members and non-members. For those interested in learning more about US VO efforts, explore the site using the main navigation links above.



    2017 IVOA Northern Spring Interop Meeting

    The first IVOA Interoperability meeting of 2017 will be held in Shanghai, China, from May 14-19, at the Jianguo Hotel Shanghai. For registration, logistics, and meeting information, please visit the conference home page.

    The IVOA Interoperability Workshops provide a bi-annual venue for discussion and development of Virtual Observatory standards and VO-based applications, and are open to those with an interest in utilizing the VO infrastructure and tools in support of observatory operations and/or astronomical research.


Our Charter
The US Virtual Observatory Alliance (USVOA) is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Working Group on Astronomical Software (WGAS), aimed at ensuring full participation of the US astronomical community in the development and implementation of international Virtual Observatory (VO) standards.


  • The USVOA provides US-wide representation in the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA), and appoints the official US project representation to the IVOA Exec.
  • The USVOA provides a forum for the US community to review and discuss interoperability standards and to provide feedback on them to the IVOA.
  • USVOA activities are supported by member projects.
  • As a WGAS SIG, the USVOA provides representation and annual operation plans to the WGAS.

The USVOA was endorsed by the AAS (American Astronomical Society) executive council as a WGAS SIG. It held its first meeting at the January 2015 AAS meeting in Seattle.

Want to get involved?

Send us an email / ticket at usvoa-support@cfa.harvard.edu with your name, institution, and interest in the USVOA. We’re an open community and new members are always welcome!
Checkout our website to see what projects and events our members are involved in:

About the USVOA: Learn more about the USVOA, participating institutions, and a brief description of the VO.

Science Tools & Services: See examples of US- and internationally-developed VO tools and services (e.g., analysis programs, data acquisition services).

VO News: Hear about the latest VO developments, upcoming meetings, and other noteworthy news.

Support & Community: Learn how to get connected with USVOA activities.