The PROS distribution files are stored under an anonftp subdirectory at SAO. They are available through the links below, or by using the normal anonymous-FTP procedure.

The current PROS Release is 2.5_p1, and a full set of Sun4 and Solaris binaries are available under the 2.5_p1 directory. You must install source code from 2.5 first, and then install the patch code.

Files Needed for PROS 2.5 Installation

NOTE: All of the non-tar files (CHECKSUMS, FILES, etc) are ASCII. To transfer these files, you must set your WWW client so that it will load a file to your disk, rather than display it. For Mosaic clients, select "Load to Local Disk" under the Options menu.

The following is a list of tar files needed for the installation. If you have problems because of the size of the tar files, you can retrieve split and compressed tar files via the normal anonymous-FTP procedure.

If problems are encountered with the file distribution, use the CHECKSUMS file to verify that any files already transferred are correct. Delete any partially transferred files and restart the transfer. Both BSD (Sun) and SYS5 checksums are given. The SunOS command "sum" will compute the checksum of a file.

A listing of the contents of each distribution file is provided in the file FILES.

Required for ALL installations

xsrc_gen.tar.gz (source code, 4.4 Mb, compressed)

Required for Non-Sun source installations only

proscal_gen.tar.gz (calibration data, 8.8 Mb, compressed)

rosfits_gen.tar.gz (ROSAT data, 2.6 Mb, compressed)

einfits_gen.tar.gz (Einstein demo data, 4.8 Mb, compressed)

Required for Sun binary installations only


The following are OPTIONAL Point Response Function Observations taken by ROSAT and Einstein. The data (xcalr/xcale) files are in machine-dependent SUN format whereas the FITS (xrcalfits/xecalfits) files are in machine independent format.

Machine-dependent SUN format:
xcalr_sos_gen.tar.gz (rosat prf calibration data, 23.6 Mb, compressed)

xcale_sos_gen.tar.gz (einstein prf calibration data, 2.6 Mb, compressed)

Machine-independent format:
xrcalfits_gen.tar.gz (rosat prf calibration fits files, 19.5 Mb, compressed)

xecalfits_gen.tar.gz (einstein prf calibration fits files, 2.4 Mb, compressed)

Optional EINCDROM demo files and lookup tables:
edemo_sos_gen.tar.gz (5.5 Mb, compressed) ./xray/xdataio/eincdrom/demo ./xray/xdataio/eincdrom/data

Additional SUN Information

If compiling the PROS release instead of using the binaries in the patch, the following SUN OS4 patches are needed to compile the PROS software:

  1. for SUN OS 4.1.1 : 100174-03 (TMPFS patch to kernel)
    for SUN OS 4.1 : 100089-05 (TMPFS patch to kernel)
  2. f77 1.3.1 patches: 100098-03, 100164-01
    (Alternatively, installing f77 version 1.4 incorporates these patches)

Completing the PROS Installation

To complete the PROS 2.5 installation, refer to the Installation Notes.

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