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RDF Format

Data processed in US or at MPE after June 1994:

    PSPC RDF tape list

    tape002 -> rp110590n00_bas.fits      Photon event and good times
    tape003 -> rp110590n00_im1.fits      Broad band image
    tape004 -> rp110590n00_im2.fits      Hard band image
    tape005 -> rp110590n00_im3.fits      Soft band image
    tape006 -> rp110590n00_bk1.fits      Broad background image
    tape007 -> rp110590n00_bk2.fits      Hard background image
    tape008 -> rp110590n00_bk3.fits      Soft background image
    tape009 -> rp110590n00_mex.fits      Exposure map
    tape010 -> rp110590n00_ime.fits      Energy-coded image
    tape011 -> rp110590n00_src.fits      Source analysis results
    tape012 -> rp110590n00_anc.fits      Orbit, aspect and housekeeping data
    tape013 -> rp110590n00_his.fits      Processing history
    tape014 -> rp110590n00_prt.fits      Postscript information
    tape015 -> rp110590n00_raw.fits      Uncorrected events list
    tape016 -> rp110590n00_ltc.fits      Source light curves

    HRI RDF tape list

    tape002 -> rh110267n00_bas.fits      Photon event and good times
    tape003 -> rh110267n00_im1.fits      Image
    tape004 -> rh110267n00_bk1.fits      Background image
    tape005 -> rh110267n00_src.fits      Source analysis results
    tape006 -> rh110267n00_anc.fits      Orbit, aspect and housekeeping data
    tape007 -> rh110267n00_his.fits      Processing history
    tape008 -> rh110267n00_prt.fits      Postscript information