Configuring YT

Configuration File

yt has a configuration file that sits inside the $HOME/.yt directory. This file can be edited by hand, or configuration settings can be obtained and set from the Julia REPL:

julia> YT.ytcfg["yt","loglevel"]

julia> YT.ytcfg["yt","loglevel"] = "1"

julia> YT.ytcfg["yt","loglevel"]


All configuration setting values are strings, even if they represent other types such as integers or booleans!

For more information about the various configuration options can be found in the discussion on the configuration system in the yt documentation.

Plugin File

YT can make use of the yt plugin file. This file can be used to set up derived fields, define constants, add units to registries, etc. The file is typically called and is located within the $HOME/.yt directory. To load the plugin file, call the enable_plugins method:

julia> YT.enable_plugins()
yt : [INFO     ] 2014-11-19 12:01:02,316 Loading plugins from /Users/jzuhone/.yt/

An alternative name for the plugin file can be specified using the configuration file:

julia> YT.ytcfg["yt","pluginfilename"] = ""