Welcome! I am postdoctoral research assistant working on the Time Domain Spectroscopic Survey (TDSS) with Paul Green in the High Energy Astrophysics Division. TDSS is an SDSS-IV subproject that began summer 2014 and will continue for 4-6 years. Through the main TDSS program, we are obtaining initial characterization spectra of >100,000 optical variables selected from PanSTARRS-1 (see Morganson et al. 2015 and MacLeod et al. 2017). In addition, the TDSS includes 9 separate smaller, "Few-Epoch Spectroscopy" (FES) programs to study spectroscopic variability. Furthermore, a new program to obtain Repeat Quasar Spectroscopy (RQS) for of order 10,000 known quasars is now underway, as a pilot for a potentially larger program in future all-sky spectroscopic surveys, such as SDSS-V.

For a compilation of photometric measurements for SDSS quasars, click here:
Quasar Variability from SDSS/POSS