A project from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory Communications group highlights the physical connections between sport and space. Examining various topics including speed, distance, time, mass, rotation, and pressure, AstrOlympics explores the impressive range of these different physical properties.

AstrOlympics provides brief explanations of the physical concepts and then compares examples from common every day experiences, Olympic events, and discoveries from space made with Chandra and other telescopes. For example, the speed section compares the world’s fastest sprinter to a typical speed limit on a highway to how fast the debris of an exploded star moves.

The AstrOlympics project consists of a series of posters, videos, and a website. To date, the AstrOlympics materials have been displayed in dozens of locations in the United States, Brazil, Uruguay and more. In addition, the US State Department placed the AstrOlympics content in select American Spaces, venues around the world that provide welcoming environments where visitors can learn about the United States. AstrOlympics has also been distributed through NASA and International Astronomical Union networks.

All of the AstrOlympics products and materials are available for free download at


Two lightweight cases with a total of 7 double sided pop-up banners (one side is English, other side is Spanish), each stand measuring 34.88”w x 81.88”h x 7.52”d

Set up Instruction for AstrOlympics Stands - (download PDF)

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